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Two mobile apps you must download, before starting a bicycle trip


Before starting your journey or cycling trip, we recommend you to download these two great apps.. and iOverlander offer real-time possition with GPS technology. Both apps work WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION.


In short, you will be able to see at all times your real location by coordinates and your relative location in front of different landmarks such as lakes, rivers, roads, trails, mountains etc.

You can also see detailed information about campsites, supply points, drinking fountains, view points and much more.

iOverlander-campsites-wildcamp-gpx-waypoints-offline maps
Descargar aplicacion de mapas offline iOverlander
Descargar Download aplicacion app offline maps - Navigaion - Waypoints
Descargar Download aplicacion de mapas Offline

 Mount Tronador and Los Alerces waterfall biketrip

Mapa circuito Cerro Tronador y Cascada los Alerces e bicicleta Mountain Bike MTB

The Big Circuit

Mapa circuito grande paso cordoba 7 lagos en bicicleta Mountain Bike MTB Villa Traful Villa la Angostura Bariloche San Martin de los Andes.jpg

Seven lakes | From Bariloche to San Martín de los Andes

Mapa Circuito Mountain Bike MTB 7 siete lagos con cruce en Barco Catamaran y bosque de arrayanes
Mapa circuito Mountain Bike MTB Ruta de los 7 siete lagos.jpg

Altimetry 7 Lakes | Bariloche - San Martín de los Andes

Altimetria Mapa de alturas Ruta Camino de los 7 siete Lagos desde Bariloche Villa la Angostura y San Martin de los Andes

Andean Track - Complete Guide


Andean Track Patagonia ( Huella Andina in spanish) is the first long-distance trail in the Republic of Argentina. It is a 570-kilometer trunk path that links Lake Aluminé, in the north, with Lake Baguilt, in the far south. It covers the provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut and allows you to visit five National Parks: Lanín, Nahuel Huapi, Los Arrayanes, Lago Puelo and Los Alerces. It is possible to cross several of the sections of the track with a mountain bike with Bikepacking equipment. If you want to make the journey from Bariloche to El Bolsón by this wonderful route we will show you how to achieve it.


Small Circuit

mapa circuito chico mountain bike MTB Bariloche Argentina

MTB tour Enduro Challenge | Cerro Otto y Cerro Catedral

Enduro challenge mapa mountain bike Bariloche patagonia argentina.jpg

La Paco | Trail Adventure

Mapa de circuito de mountain bike MTB Paco Etchegaray - Bariloche

Camping & biking map Bariloche

mapa de campings rutas travesia Siete 7 Lagos seven lakes biketrip patgonia rent a bike alquiler de bicicletas viajes cerro tronador cascada los alerces bariloche colonia suiza circuito chico isla victoria bosque de arrayanes barco lago nahuel huapi bariloche descargar mapa de rutas de bicicleta Bariloche
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