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7 Lakes road by bike 


Patagonia Bike Trips rents you all the equipment you need for touring the seven lakes road or any other tour you want to make.The journey has a total of 200 kilometers, leaving from the city of Bariloche, passing through Villa la Angostura and ending in San Martin of the Andes.


It is recommended to pedal an average of 40 kilometers per day, this way the tour is completed in 5-6 days. This travel rhythm will allow you to enjoy the landscapes and campsites, and also to rest your body enough not to suffer injuries or physical inconveniences.


The circuit is well stocked with places to sleep. You can spend the night in enabled campsites or hostels along the way. Always remember that camping or making a fire outside the authorized areas are forbidden. To complete the journey successfully we must load the camping equipment and the food that will be consumed during the trip. Remember that there are few supply points.


Each bike is equipped with a cargo trailer or panniers. If you don't have a tent or sleeping bag, don't worry, you can rent it too. The day of departure and the duration of the trip is chosen by you. You can do the 7 lakes or consult us for other trips within the area. We suggest making the bike tours between the months of October and April. Always look at the weather forecast before leaving.


The remote return of the equipment (drop-off) is FREE OF CHARGE.

Guided group tours take place between January and March. Check availability. 

cruce andino en bicicleta por los lagos con catamaran

7 lakes road by bike with catamaran | Bike & Boat


Another way to complete the 7 lakes biketrip, for those who want something different, is to do it by combining the bicycle with the traditional catamaran tour around Victoria Island and the Arrayanes National Park.


The journey begins in the center of Bariloche, you must pedal 24 km to Puerto Pañuelo, in front of the Llao Llao hotel. There you must embark with bicycles.


The boat takes approximately 90 minutes to reach the Arrayanes forest. There you must disembark and pedal along a singletrack of low technical difficulty until you arrive to Villa la Angostura. This first stage can be done in one day, and the rest of the trip consists of 120km, which is the distance between Villa la Angostura and San Martín de los Andes.


The CAU CAU catamaran is one of the options to go to the Arrayanes Forest. The other company is Turisur


This lake transfer service has an approximate cost of US $ 37 per person and must be paid directly to the company that does it.


TURISUR Offices.

Commercial: Mitre 219 / Mitre 150 (54) 0294 - 4426109/110/112

In Puerto Pañuelo: In front of the Llao Llao Hotel (54) 0294 - 4448207



Mitre 139 - Bariloche Tel .: +54 (0294) 443 1372/3


IMPORTANT: If you chose the catamaran option, we recommend that you pick up the bicycles the day before your departure. Remember that you have to pedal 24 km from Bariloche to the port and the last boat leaves at 1pm. Setting up the bikes takes at least an hour and a half and we cannot be held responsible if you lose your boat.


Dropp off in San Martin de los Andes is FREE of charge

awesome png.png

BIKEPACKING "Huella Andina" from Bariloche to El Bolsón


Andean Trail (Huella Andina in spanish) is the first long-distance trail developed in the Argentine Republic. The route runs through the southwestern sector of the Patagonian region of this country


This trip under the "bikepacking" mode from Bariloche to El Bolsón covers approximately 150km and has all the types of roads you can imagine. Trails, singletracks, doubletracks, dirt roads and asphalt. It is a perfect combination that adds adrenaline and a dose of adventure to cycletouring as never before.


The characteristics of this route make it ideal to be traveled with the bikepacking setup. It is not simple, it is a demanding route that requires very good mastery of the bicycle, camping skills and a great sense of orientation.


In this case you will carry maps and a GPS to follow the trail and reach your destination. "Bikepacking" setup for biketrips is a worldwide success and you can experience it in Patagonia ... if you dare.

Drop-off is FREE of charge once you arrive to "El Bolson" town.


What is Bikepacking exactly?


Bikepacking is the most adventurous way to travel by bicycle; a bike, small amount of luggage and several kilometers ahead of roads, trails or tracks. As you can see in the photo, the luggage is reduced to the handlebar area (tent and sleeping bag), the bicycle frame (tools and food) and the large under seat bag (clothing).


Unlike pannier cycling, bikepacking gives us greater freedom when choosing the routes. The load is much smaller and the absence of luggage rack and large panniers on the sides allows us to pedal along narrow gravel roads, trails, singletracks and places of greater technical difficulty.


You have to be minimalistic when choosing what to take. We recommend this setup to those who have previous experience with MTB bicycles in areas of moderate difficulty and camping experience.

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Mount Tronador gravel adventure


An excellent option for those who prefer to cycle on gravel roads is to visit Mount Tronador and "Los Alerces Waterfall".


You should pedal about 40 km to the campsite Los Rapidos or La Querencia located at the south shore of Lake Mascardi. A good option is to build a base there. The campsites have supplies, buffet, hot water, space for tents and cabins. Once the base is settled at the campsite, you can cycle in and out during the day to the black snowdrift glacier, or ride the road that leads to Los Alerces Waterfall.

This biketrip can be combined with hiking and trekking along the slopes of the imposing Cerro Tronador. Suggested time 3 to 4 days.


The Pampa Linda area, right beside Mount Tronador has also 3 beautiful campsites, hostelry and grocery store. The possibilities are numerous, and the bike will give you  freedom to travel these roads until you know every corner of this wonderful tourist circuit.

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Bariloche - Puerto Montt - Esquel | Double Andean Crossing

If you have 2 weeks off and want to experience the biketrip of your life, this circuit will meet your expectations. Along the route you will take 5 ferries, cycle about 500 kilometers and cross the Andes in 2 opportunities.


Get ready to pedal a section of the famous Chilean southern road (Carretera Austral) and discover villages where time seems to have stopped. Along the route there are a variety of campsites and lodgings, magical places and unique landscapes.


Our bicycles can do this, our panniers, trailers and equipment are the best for this type of journey. Are YOU ready to go for it?


At the end of the tour, you can Drop-off the bikes in Esquel free of charge.


Double Andean Crossing | Bike & Boat

This journey, of approximately 290 kilometers, and 7 days duration, combines the traditional lake tour of the Patagonian Andean Crossing and runs through the 5 largest lakes in the area. Nahuel Huapi, Todos los Santos Lake, Llanquihue, Rupanco and Puyehue.


You can hire boat sections at The fare is US $ 120. You can also see the great volcanoes ... the Tronador, the Osorno, the Calbuco, the Puntiagudo and the recently erupted Puyehue. Another attraction of the tour are the famous Puyehue Hot Springs, located in the National Park that bears the same name. It is a journey of intermediate difficulty, full of magnificent natural attractions, which will amaze you at all times.


FREE Drop-off  at Villa la Angostura


One way trip to Chile | Return with minibus


Bicycle touring offers us a huge ammount of possibilities. The dream of many cyclists is to cross the Andes and reach the Pacific.


The one-way trip to Chile is an epic adventure. You can pedal through the different border crossings, many of which are gravelly and little traveled. Once you cross the "Cordillera de los Andes" you can descend from 1500 meters to the sea level, in relatively few kilometers. This makes it even more fun.


You can cross the Andes through the Hua-Hum pass, Carirriñe, Tromen, Samore and the Andean crossing pass through Puerto Blest with the Catamaran. To achieve this, we can coordinate your return with a minibus with our trailer to bring bicycles and equipment.


In this case, you can choose between different destinations. You can end your trip in Ensenada, Puerto Varas,  Puerto Montt, Pucón, or some small coastal town in the Pacific Ocean, and celebrate the success of your journey, with a typical dinner of fresh seafood.


* Recommended for large groups

* Only the rental of equipment and the minibus is paid.


The trailer to bring the bicycles back is FREE of charge

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