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What to take

45 items you must take to a bicycle trip


  • Sunglasses

  • Padded cycling shorts

  • Short sleeve sports t-shirt

  • Long sleeve or thermal synthetic shirt

  • Windproof & waterproof windbreaker

  • Lightweight and compact feather jacket

  • Swimwear

  • Long sleeve micropolar fleece

  • Sport short

  • Quick dry long pants or outdoor type

  • Cycling socks

  • Synthetic underwear

  • Sneakers or light trekking shoes

  • "Crocs" or sandals

  • If you carry a backpack, make sure its a small one

  • Cycling gloves


Cooking & kitchen items

  • Metallic cup or jar

  • Camping butane burner (available for rent)

  • Deep plate & glass (plastic or metallic)

  • Knife, fork, spoon

  • Lighter

  • Small aluminum cooking pot

  • Small rag

  • Swiss army knife

cuchillo y tenedor.png

Personal items - Hygiene

  • First Aid kit - Painkillers

  • Cellphone, charger and charged portable battery

  • Microfiber towel

  • Small plastic bags

  • White soap & shampoo

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste  

  • Cash money, Id, passport

  • Sunscreen, insect repellent

  • Toilet paper or baby towels


Camping items

  • Waterproof igloo tent  (available for rent)       

  • Camping mat  (available for rent)

  • Sleeping bag (available for rent)                              

  • Head lamp or flashlight (charged 100%)

  • Camping butane burner (available for rent)


Bicycle and cycling accesories

  • Mountainbike or touring bicycle with luggage rack  (available for rent)       

  • Allem multitool (included)

  • Cycling helmet  (included)

  • Multivalve hand-pump (included)

  • Tire repair kit (included)

  • Road map and road information (included)

  • Waterproof pannier kit (available for rent)

  • If the road is complicated, take bikepacking panniers (available for rent)

  • If you don´t feel ok with panniers, take a cycletouring bob trailer (available for rent)


Avoid heavy and bulky objects.

Avoid 100% cotton garments, since if they get wet they take a long time to dry.

Take only the essentials, calculating the number of days you will be pedaling.

The less luggage you bring, the lighter you will travel, and the more you will enjoy!

Remember that campsites and supply shops do not have "posnet". Always carry cash.


Traveling by bike taught me many things. 

Take the essentials


Do not push your body to the limit, or you will not be able to continue the next day.


Stay hydrated, eat healthy, start your day early, so you will have rest time and muscle recovery during the afternoon.


Everyone has their travel pace, 30km at 50km per day is a good distance.


Take short breaks of 10 minutes every 5 km. 


Do not let your body cool down while you are travelling.

Remember to stretch your body before and after each session. 

Eat lightly and often during the day. At night abundant and hot dinner.


Listen to your body, and if the weather gets bad, look for a campsite or shelter, and continue when it gets better.

And most importantly, ENJOY every kilometer, landscape and moment. They are unique

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