The road of the 7 lakes is the most beautiful and famous route in Argentina to travel by bike. It is the best circuit to take your first bicycle trip. This is due to its natural beauty and the wide variety of campsites and lodgings, located in strategic places, with lake shores and gorgeous beaches. Fresh water is abundant almost all year round. During autumn and spring, the route is full of colors and the campsites are calm and quiet. In summer, you will meet cyclists from all over the world traveling this wonderful Patagonian road.

ruta 7 lagos patagonia argentina

How to travel the seven lakes road by bike?

At first glance, it may seem difficult to make a trip of this nature. In fact, anyone with average fitness can do it.
It is crucial to be focused, and set small objectives that you must overcome day after day, until you complete the journey.

The first thing you should evaluate is the total distance of the route, and decide in how many days you are going to complete it.
The more days, the shorter the distance of each stage will be.

If, for example, you plan to pedal 40 kilometers per day, you can complete a 200-kilometer bike trip in 5 days.

Download our practical cycle touring guide and plan your journey through the 7 lakes by bicycle.

ruta 7 lagos en bici patagonia argentina

Road of the 7 lakes from Bariloche to San Martín

The road of the seven lakes itself is the section of route 40 that extends between the towns of Villa la Angostura and San Martin de los Andes.
This section has a total of 120 kilometers and runs through lakes Espejo, Correntoso, Escondido, Villarino, Falkner, Machónico and Lacar.

It is possible to visit 5 more lakes, traveling a few additional kilometers, such as Lake Nahuel Huapi, Espejo Chico, Traful, Hermoso and Meliquina.
A total of 12 lakes with crystal clear waters and gorgeous beaches.

Below you can see 3 variants of the seven lakes road leaving from Bariloche.
It is also possible to start at Villa la Angostura if you wish.

We invite you to see the routes, altimetry, suggested stops and characteristics of each of these variants of the 7 lakes.

ruta 7 lagos en bici patagonia argentina
camping en bicicleta 7 lagos patagonia argentina
camping en bicicleta 7 lagos patagonia argentina

Campsites and accommodations on the road of the 7 lakes

One of the unknowns that arise when you decide to undertake a bicycle trip is where to sleep during the journey.

It is important to decide in advance if you will sleep in a tent or prefer to find accommodation along the way. The 7 lakes circuit has a wide variety of campsites.
Some campsites have domes or cabins. This means that you can organize your trip without needing to bring a tent.

Remember that if you choose to do it without a tent, you must plan short stages, no more than 50 kilometers. You must ensure a place to rest each night and be sure that you can successfully complete each stage to reach the accommodation in question.

The route 7 lakes by Arrayanes and 7 lakes by Traful can be completed stopping at lodgings.
If you choose the 7 lakes Classic route, you will have to sleep in a tent, since the first stage has no accommodation available.

hosteria 7 lagos patagonia argentina

Guided tour of 7 lakes by myrtles forest

Organizing a bike trip takes time and planning. Doing it alone requires extra effort that not everybody is willing to make. If you prefer to come and enjoy without complications, a guided and organized bike tour is your best option.

Our guided trip through the 7 lakes begins in Bariloche, and ends in San Martin de los Andes. It involves pedaling by the Circuito Chico and the Arrayanes Forest.
It also includes the catamaran lake tour from Puerto Pañuelo to Quetrihué peninsula. It crosses the town of Villa la Angostura and covers the entire road of the 7 lakes.

The guided trips of 7 lakes through myrtles forest takes place between the months of October and April. Click on the links to see more details of the guided tour.

hosteria 7 lagos patagonia argentina
ruta 7 lagos patagonia argentina en pareja
ruta 7 lagos patagonia argentina en pareja

7 lakes road with electric bicycle

The e-bike is an excellent option for those people who are not used to pedal many kilometers per day, or who simply prefer to take things easier.

The electric motor assists your pedaling, and reduces the cyclist’s effort by up to 60%.
The battery that powers the motor can last up to 60 kilometers, therefore it is advisable to plan stops every 45 or 50 kilometers maximum. Once the battery is empty, it is necessary to recharge it. This can be done with any 220V wall outlet.

The campsites on the 7 lakes route usually have electricity after 8 p.m., with their own generators. It is important to recharge the battery every night to be able to complete the stage the next day.

If you run out of power, it is possible to continue pedaling only for a few kilometers, since the electric bicycle is heavy, and requires a lot of effort if the assistance is not activated.