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1- Very easy: A very easy circuit, is suitable for people who can ride a bike on flat asphalt roads and then stop without stumbling. You must have basic notions of braking and shifting. You must have sufficient balance to ride the bike in a straight line without making sudden involuntary maneuvers to the sides.

2- Easy: to pedal on an easy circuit you need to have fluid shifting management that allows you to climb an asphalt slope or pedal on a flat surface without making greater effort, optimizing the energy of your legs at all times. You must also know how to differentiate and use both brakes correctly, the front and the rear.

3- Intermediate: to pedal a circuit of intermediate difficulty, you must master the skills mentioned above, both on asphalt and gravel roads and on low difficulty trails. You must also have an understanding of the correct body position on different terrains and braking precision on slippery terrain and on descents. It is important that you skillfully handle the gear change, both the plates and the sprockets.

4- Difficult: a difficult circuit is suitable for experienced cyclists who know how to pedal on uneven terrain with obstacles, climbs, descents and adverse conditions, such as mud, sand or stones. The cyclist must have good control and control the bicycle at all times, optimizing performance through precise use of gears. It is also necessary to understand how to take advantage of the acceleration of descents to successfully overcome dirt climbs and obstacles such as logs or loose rock.

5- Expert: to master an expert level circuit, it is necessary to train regularly and have physical strength. The pilot must be able to perform jumps and maneuvers at high speed without losing control at any time. It is necessary to master all pedaling, turning and braking techniques on narrow trails with steep slopes of more than 30%, and know how to avoid obstacles such as steps, rocks, roots and slippery ground with mud or dust.


We cannot rate the physical difficulty of a bike route, since it strictly depends on the level of training that each person has. As a reference we can say that 35 kilometers by bike is approximately equivalent to 10 kilometers on foot. Circuits with many meters of ascent and gravel surface are more demanding from a physical point of view. In conclusion, we can affirm that a person with an average training, can pedal a distance of 35 to 45 kilometers without major inconvenience, during a period of 4 to 5 hours including rest stops.

If you opt for an e-bike, the physical effort decreases considerably, up to 60% less depending on your riding and pedaling skills.


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For Ebikes:


The most famous MTB circuit in the region is located 70 kilometers south of the city of Bariloche. We have a Pick-up truck and a trailer to transport the bikes to the starting point. If you want to do this full day tour, you must have a vehicle to get to the starting point.

The loop consists of pedaling 22 kilometers along “Las Pasarelas” singletrack to the campsite that bears that name, and then return to the starting point along the gravel road that borders the river on the opposite south bank, adding another 22 kilometers. The complete circuit has a total of 44 kilometers.

The technical difficulty of the trail is mostly intermediate, and difficult in some specific sections.

What makes this experience demanding, is the total length of the route and the fact that we will be isolated from civilization most of the time.

It is very important that all participants are in good physical condition to carry out this tour successfully. Once the trail begins there is no going back. It is required physical resistance, good handling of the bike and dexterity to master the changes of rhythm typical of this circuit.

We do this tour with electric bicycles so that everyone can enjoy the experience to the fullest. The minimum number of passengers to carry out the excursion is 4 people. The logistics cost is 50% more expensive than the other tours because it is a full day excursion and it is located 70 kilometers from our base. In any case, it is a wonderful circuit that is worth doing once in a lifetime.

For the Manso River biketour you must bring: Water, if it is summer a minimum of 750cm3 per person, snacks or fruits.

Clothing: bring a pair of extra shoes and socks (to get wet), small backpack, sunglasses, layered sportswear, clothing should be light, and quickdry if possible. In spring and autumn, do not forget a windbreaker and thin gloves.

The tour includes a bicycle, helmet and a professional guide.



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